Fu Shou Yuan ,Shanghai ,invested and supervised by Fu Shou Yuan Group, is a first-class cemetery in china .It’s located in Qingpu District of shanghai ,surrounded by Sheshan mountain, Tian Ma Shan mountain and Dianshanhu Lake, a national scenic-spots area ,.A highway (Shanghai-Qingpu-Pinghu) runs by. With green hills and clear waters , it’s a unique precious place. The cemetery occupies an area of close to 0.6 square Kms with traditional ancient architectures and modern ones, beautiful gardens and wide-spread rip lawns , original landscapes and different-style artistic tombstones , all of which make the cemetery splendid and graceful . There is much to arrest the eye of the public here fragrant red flowers and green grace ; golden fish and white pigeons ;pavilions and bridges ; natural sceneries mixed with human culture . You will also see memorials for outstanding personages in the modern history of shanghai together with artistic tombstones , sculpture , ink marks by eminent persons and those of artistic distinction . These valuable human resources form party the condensed history of Shanghai area . That is why it has become a peculiar memorial park of human culture china.
  Fu Shou Yuan has taken the lead in applying the principle of "Building a cultural cemetery and Creating cemetery culture". for it's development . If combines traditional cemetery culture with modern concept of management .It has come out as a famous brand in the cemetery trade both at home and abroad . It has a big variety of burial forms and styles as well as different memorial sections and squares . It is granted as class-one cemetery of Shanghai.
  Fu Shou Yuan Group is a standing member of China Funeral Association , member of ICFA and member of ACCA . It is sanctioned by certain government authorities as Red touring Base and educational base for youngsters .It has won the title of "Model Unit" granted by Shanghai Municipal Government for Successive years.
  The cemetery offers beat service to all our customers . It has pasted ISO9002 in product-quality and service-quality and ISO 14001 in environmental protection . The headquarters of Fu Shou Yuan Group is in Shanghai . At present it consists of 5 sub-companies :Chongqing subsidiary , Hefei Subsidiary ,Shandong Fu Shou Yuan ,Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan Harbor and Henan Fu Shou Yuan .

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FUSHOUYUAN Address:Shanghai Qingpu districts Qingsong, 7270 Highway

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